Teaching Soil Fertility and Cropping Systems

Within the Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems, our working group "Soil Fertility and Cropping Systems" offers several courses.

We are happy to welcome any bachelor and master students who are interested into our working group. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Topics for Master Thesis

General topics

  • Soil fertility in organic farming:
    Nutrient cycles, symbiotic nitrogen fixation of legumes, mycorrhiza, soil organic matter (contact: Jürgen K. Friedel)

  • Cropping systems in organic farming:
    Effects of preceding main crops and cover crops; crop rotation design, soil tillage (contact: Jürgen K. Friedel)
  • Natural resource protection through organic farming:
    promotion of biodiversity, ground water protection (contact: Gabriele Gollner)


Members of the working group are in charge of the following lectures:

Bachelor Agricultural Sciences:

  • Organic Farming (Introduction) (933.101)
  • Organic Farming - Seminar (933.102)
  • Agroecology (833.103)
  • Agroecology Tutorial (833.107)
  • Crop rotation systems and cultivation methods in organic farming (933.105)
  • Farm analysis and conversion planning (933.106)
  • Required practice-Seminar organic farming (933.107)

Master Organic Agricultureal Systems and Agro-Ecology:

  • Interdisciplinary project soil science (911.307)
  • Master seminar in organic farming (930.300)
  • Dissertation seminar in Organic agriculture-English / Deutsch (930.400)
  • Crop production systems in Organic Agriculture (933.307)
  • Soil fertility and soil ecology in Organic Agriculture (933.308)
  • Conversion to Organic Agriculture – interdisciplinary project (in Eng.) (933.309)
  • Protection of natural resources by Organic Agriculture (933.302)
  • Material cycles in agriculture (933.314)

For more information concerning the lectures of our working group, visit BOKUonline or contact us under: juergen.friedel(at)boku.ac.at