Agro Mechatronics and Energy

Mechatronics is the cooperation of mechanics, electronics and computer sciences. In today’s agricultural engineering and technology, mechatronic systems have their fixed place. Due to the connection of the three areas of expertise, data is gained via sensors. These are then evaluated and transmitted to, among others things, mechanical components such as the motor or equipment by means of electronic control modules. Optimal cooperation of all these areas offers the user (for example, the farmer) more comfort, allows for more efficient work, partially automatized operational procedures and also allows for consistent documentation.

In the working group Agro Mechatronics and Energy, we are concerned with potential capabilities of mechatronics in agriculture with the aim of optimizing the consumption rate of resources as well as process efficiency. Therefore, the measured data coming from sensors are linked to mathematical prediction models. The necessary sensor and actuator technology for agricultural engineering applications are developed and tested taking regional-specific requirements and conditions into consideration. System parameters of regenerative power plants are measured in a metrological way in order to derive improvements by means of modeling, simulation and benchmarking.

Current Topics and On-Going Projects

> Analysis of transmissions of photosynthetically relevant electromagnetic radiation under PV-module covered greenhouses

> Partner of the research project "Theory of Cutting of Agricultural Raw Materials" within the framework of the COMET Program. Duration: July 2010 - June 2014 / More

> Optimizing solar power plants via monitoring and benchmarking

> Analysis of parameter governed rotary tedders

Our Services

  • Feasibility studies and expert's reports
  • Plant monitoring
  • Planning and construction of test facilities
  • Field tests and construction of machinery and tools

Current Topics for Master Thesis (in German)


Team: Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Gronauer, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Aschauer

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