We are concerned with the analysis and design of work systems in the field of agriculture. Our focus is on gender specific, effective, efficient, safe and healthy work systems.

These are researched and implemented via interdisciplinary research approaches, taking ecological, social and economic factors for indoor and outdoor agricultural work into account.

Doing so, we are geared towards the current and future economic challenges of the world of work and the production requirements. We develop and refine these according to the principle of sustainability with as well as without high-tech procedures. 

Research Topics

    • Work organization
    • Analysis and design of work systems (usability, ergonomics, ...)
    • Safety at work and health issues
    • Applications for animal, plant and energy production as well as landscape management, direct marketing, green care and domestic economy

      Methods: expert and user evaluation, work observation, procedure charts and functional analysis, stress and strain analysis (physical, mental), video analysis, motion analysis, questionnaires, interviews.

      Teaching Content: agricultural ergonimics, agricultural construction trade, instruments of structurally and agriculturally engineeres counseling, basics of agriculture.


      Assoc. Prof. Dr. DI Elisabeth Quendler MSc
      Peter Jordan Straße 82, A-1190 Vienna