Environmental Engineering and Biorefinery

In our field of expertise we are concerned with sustainable production of raw materials and bio energy from agricultural biomass and its byproducts.

In the course of the scientific activities, the complete process chain from cultivation of biomass to its harvest and storage up to its material and energetic uses are dealt with.


Areas of Expertise (Services, Infrastructure and Equipment)

    • Identification of the potential yield of agricultural crops at various locations within Austria
    • Optimization of material and energetic use of biomass
    • Optimization of the use of biomass in biorefinery systems by means of microbial, thermic and mechanic pretreatment procedures
    • Cascading use of biomass in biorefinery systems and biogas technology
    • Optimization of the use of organic residual materials and agricultural byproducts
    • Procedures of agricultural environmental
    • Identification of the potential of biogas and methane of biomass
    • Monitoring biogas plants

      Current Projects

      > Utilization of sweet sorghum as a catch crop for producing raw materials to be used for production of bioethanol and biogas / More 

      > Development of pre-treatment technologies for utilisation of lignocellule rich biomass for biogas production /  More

      > Grassland utilisastion beyound 2015. Project in the AlpS-Center: Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Technologies / More


      Head: Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Gronauer, DI Dr. Alexander Bauer
      Konrad Lorenz Straße 24, 3430 Tulln an der Donau
      Tel: (+43) 01 / 47654 3509
      Mobile: 0664 885 86 401
      E-Mail: alexander.bauer(at)boku.ac.at