Agricultural Process Engineering

Agricultural Process Engineering

We are concerned with research in the following fields:

  • Investigation of performance characteristics for the evaluation and optimization of processes (with respect to ground coverage, energy input, soil pressure and external effects)
  • Energy input and energy efficiency in agriculture (arable farming and livestock husbandry)

We offer the following teaching content:

  •  Agricultural engineering in livestock and plant production
  •  Grassland mechanization
  • Engineering in organic farming
  • GPS in agriculture
  • Engineering of soil cultivation


At our facility Groß-Enzersdorf – BOKU’s research farm and experimental fields – the Division of Agricultural Engineering runs a workshop and a metrological laboratory in the rooms of the former machinery testing station. This workshop and the laboratory can be used for measuring equipment set-ups and adaptations on agrarian machines and tools. For procedural research, the areas of arable land and infrastructure of the research farm and experimental fields offer an excellent addition.  


  • 2 wheel load scales (measuring range 0 - 10.000 kg)
  • 2 radar sensors for velocity measurements including data recording
  • Flow measuring device (PLU116 H, AVL-list) for fuel consumption measurements
  • Air permeameter
  • Software TASC (ART 2010) to determine soil damage congestion 


  • Metrological collection of agricultural engineering parameters (such as fuel consumption, driving speed, slippage, ground coverage, etc.) for agricultural procedural steps
  • Compilation of energy consumption at plant level via direct questioning
  • Collection of potential soil damage congestions via TASC-software

Current Topics

  • Procedural research on a pneumatic universal drilling machine
  • Mechanization and energy input for selected arable farms in Central and South East Europe (CASEE)
  • Usage of variable drive systems for grassland mechanization
  • Procedure assessment of automatic milking systems (AMS)


Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Gronauer
Peter Jordan Straße 82, A-1190 Vienna
E-Mail: andreas.gronauer(at)