System Engineering and Technology Assessment

System Engineering and Technology Assessment

We are concerned with various areas in the field of research. The connection of methods and objectives for the analysis and assessment of procedural systems in rural areas (agriculture, communal economy and energy industry) is one of our research areas. Life cycle assessment of agricultural production techniques and goods are of crucial significance. Furthermore, we are interested in the investigation of underlying data for regional-specific life cycle assessment in Austria as well as the development of methods in order to ensure the quality of agricultural life cycle assessments.  

The connecting factors for interdisciplinary work are in the field of energy systems, renewable raw materials and social impacts of agro systems.

Current Research Topics

  • Life cycle assessment of utilization alternatives for permanent pastures in Austria
  • Uncertainty calculations in agricultural life cycle assessment
  • Optimization of energy management in agricultural holdings
  • Regional differentiations for life cycle assessment of biomass in Austria


As far as teaching is concerned, the importance of the subject matter in its context of social developments and global challenges is being pointed out specifically. Furthermore, methodological foundations are being taught.

In cooperation with other departments the following teaching content is offered:

  • Technological impact assessment for agriculture
  • Life cycle assessment of renewable raw materials
  • Production systems and atmospheric conditions

Infrastructure, Equipment and Services

    • Life cycle assessment software: GEMIS, OpenLCA, SimaPro
    • Life cycle assessment database: Ecoinvent, ILCD, GEMIS Austria
    • Services: life cycle assessment and greenhouse gas balances for production systems, goods and companies as well as feasibility studies for business development and regional developmental projects