Expected Outcomes of the Case Study Competition

Tangible outcomes -  Each team will produce a report consisting of:

  • A systems analyses of the case - including a diagnosis of the region based on materials provided at the e-learning platform and the information provided during the week in Vienna by the facilitators
  • The scenarios developed by the students based on A, their ideas of facing the current challenges in the case and consultations with BOKU facilitators and staff with specific expertise at their university 

  • The implementation, which gives detailed instructions on how to implement the scenario of the specific case and to deal with challenges (identified in the region) during the current status to the final stage of the scenario.


Learning outcomes - knowledge: In terms of learning, students will:

  • Gain knowledge on systems theory, scenario technique and operationalisation of the scenario (transforming steps into practice) and how to apply it to solve real-world problems;
  • Work independently in an international team;
  • (Re-)present research in an appropriate and interesting way, adapting to the specific audience.
  • Broaden their discipline-specific knowledge by discussing and working together in a team with students coming from different backgrounds.